Overriding Default Vim-test Strategies

vim-test can help you to turn a process of running tests into pleasure. It has multiple strategies for tests execution: basic, dispatch, tmux, neovim terminal, etc. Each strategy is hardcoded inside vim-test/autoload/test/strategy.vim, but we can easily override any of them.

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Auto Change Keyboard Layout in Vim

If you use multiple keyboard layouts then you may know how it's frustrating to constanly switching between them. Remember that feeling when you come to Vim's normal mode with keyboard layout different than English? After some time of hjkl-ing, you find out that it doesn't work as expected. Let's do something with this.


Show Exit Code of Last Command in Zsh

Recently I came across this ASCII cast. My attention was caught by zsh configuration, that @kui is using. It prints exit code of last command before prompt:


Let's look at the implementation.


How to fix 'wxe_driver.so' error in Elixir

If you trying to start an observer or debugger from iex (e.g. :observer.start or :debugger.start) and keep getting the following error:
ERROR: Could not find 'wxe_driver.so' in: /usr/lib/erlang/lib/wx-1.4/priv
then you probably have erlang-nox (headless version of Erlang VM) installed or doesn't have any wxWidgets library in your system.


Simulate a Keypress in Vim

Once in an eternity you need to create a mapping that simulates a keypress.
Here comes the answer:
:h feedkeys()

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Fix Broken Syntax Highlighting for Git Commits In Vim

If you are using localized version of git and trying to open commits in vim (e.g. git commit or :Gstatus in fugitive) then syntax highlighting may be broken.


Review Last Commit With Vim and Fugitive

When working with git, it's often useful to review all changes that you have made in last commit before push them to origin.


Meditating on Code

Sometimes you need to gather all your attention and focus on a few lines of code. Vim has a great plugin which can help you minimize distractions.


Sending Page to Kindle From Vimperator

Lets add new command for sending page to your Kindle via Vimperator console (it uses fivefilters API):

command kindle :javascript openURL('http://fivefilters.org/kindle-it/send.php?url=' + encodeURI(liberator.modules.buffer.URL))

Add this line to your .vimperatorrc, open any page and type :kindle


Jumping Between Most Recently Used Files and Directories

fzf is one of these life-changing tools that can boost your productivity. Here is example of using fzf with vim history for quickly (less than 500 ms) opening files and jumping between directories.