Meditating on Code

Sometimes you need to gather all your attention and focus on a few lines of code. Vim has a great plugin which can help you minimize distractions.

Introducing limelight.vim

limelight.vim can greatly increase your concentration when you need it. It's written by Junegunn Choi - creator of fzf, vim-plug and many other useful things.

Live demonstration


Key mapping suggestions

nmap <silent> gl :Limelight!!<CR>
xmap gl <Plug>(Limelight)

gl is one of this few vim keys that has no default mapping. In normal mode gl will toggle limelight. In visual - its apply limelight for visual selection.


Dim level: 0 - brighter, 1 - darker (default: 0.5)

let g:limelight_default_coefficient = 0.7

You can define your own color for dimming, both for gui and terminal versions. Use this table to choose right cterm color.

let g:limelight_conceal_guifg = '#171717'
let g:limelight_conceal_ctermfg = 238

Number of preceding/following paragraphs to include (default: 0)

let g:limelight_paragraph_span = 1

Other suggestions

You can use this option for automatically keep current working line in center of the screen:

set scrolloff=999

And that is all for today.